Painting and varnishing work

Repairing a burnt facade of a production hall

Burnt facades tend to get greasy and dirty from smoke. That is the reason why it is necessary to degrease the facade with specialized and suitable products. Afterwards, a layer of paint was applied to the facade, which unifies the shades into one and prevents the formation of stains. Facade paint was sprayed on the cleaned facade according to the clients requirements.

Interior and exterior coating of an industrial building in Košice

The interior of the production hall was cleaned with a high-pressure water jet. Afterwards, the walls were treated with a penetrating coating and two coats of white topcoat were applied. Stairs and railings were also painted and the whole area was industrially vacuumed from residual dirt. The hall tower underwent a complete treatment with basic paint and then a double top coat.

Complete cladding renewal of the production hall in Sečovce

Renovation of the production hall in Sečovce. The internal and external cladding (made from galvanized trapezoidal sheet metal) was cleaned and sprayed. The ceiling was degreased and cleaned. Grinding, removal of oil stains from concrete, vacuuming construction dust, painting of the entrance gates and steel frame were also executed.

Complete renewal of traction masts in Bratislava

Renewal of protective anti-corrosion coating of traction masts, which serve as a supporting system of traction line of trolleybuses and trams in the Capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava. For the top coat we worked with a high-quality anti-corrosion paint, which is also used for the coating of oilrigs on the open seas and will last for many years even in extreme conditions.